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Part 33

This part is rated NC-17 for scenes of violence, rape, and strong language.

Part 33

        Buffy knew she was not all alone by herself within her new body as she adjusted to the body she was inhabiting. She was almost getting used to having her conscious displaced now. Except this time she was not entirely alone in her head as she was getting used to on this strange trip. She felt someone, or something ‘with´ her like a nagging, persistent something just on the edge of her awareness. It was quiet, aware, mostly non intrusive. It just waited, and watched, like it was just watching somehow through her eyes, and observing her. It was extremely unnerving. But mental shouts to it didn´t have any effect. It was just ‘there´, and wouldn´t come forward and acknowledge her, or interact with her. And if she could put a feeling to the type of entity with her she would have said it had demonic elements to it, but not entirely. The best she could only ignore ‘the presence´, and try to concentrate on the hunt.

        From what she could see of the moonlit landscape she seemed to be in some sort of wasteland like a desert, but more rocky, and with at least some sparse vegetation here and there. Somehow she thought more of Africa than any place else, and this was far in the distant past rather than present time as well. Looking up at the huge glowing full moon, that also seemed closer, younger somehow, she judged the time to be around midnight, and that there were still some hours until daybreak. The night sounds of the this desert also confirmed her impressions of being out of her time, and place if this was even her planet at all. Given all the other surprises she had had she wouldn´t have been surprised to find she had also gone dimension, or world hopping as well. In the distance she could hear large predators roaring, and the sounds of a struggle, followed by high pitched, panicking, whinnying like from horses maybe, then the loud snapping of bones, and the wet tearing of flesh. Involuntarily, she shuttered at the images that were running through her mind, and decided to move in a direction away from the sounds of large carnivores feeding.

        The ground was mostly sandy with lots of sharp little rocks underfoot, but she could barely feel them with her tough feet as she carefully navigated the rocky terrain. In the distance she could see a ridge of low peaked mountains, and foothills, plus denser vegetation like trees, so she headed for them as a goal since she had no clue of where she was supposed to go, or what she was supposed to do. So far she really wasn´t seeing any point to this exercise.

        She walked towards the mountains, all senses on alert, being grateful that she had actually listened to Giles, and even Spike during her training sessions, so that she really was more aware of her surroundings, and everything. Still she was taken by surprise when from seeming nowhere she was jumped by five vampires as a group, and they knocked her down to the hard packed ground, and tried to immobilize her.

        Enraged at the attack, Buffy fought like a maddened wildcat, growling, hissing, throwing the naked, chalky colored, pale skinned vampires off of her, springing back to her feet, then spinning in a circle using her stake, as well as her sharpened fingernails to deal crippling blows before she dusted them. Finally it was down to two who warily circled her looking for an opening in her defenses. They were misshapen, hideous creatures when she finally got a good look at them in the bright moonlight. And tried not to blush or be put off because of their obvious male nakedness. They were so very unlike the vampires she was used to. Barely were there any signs of their former humanity in their features, or build. It was clear that they were closer to their demon roots than their human ones as the hybrids they supposed to be. Only in older vampires had she seen such distortions, and even those has been more tempered with humanity. These creatures were far more primitive, and demonic than even those. And it was also clear that these were new fledglings, and less than a year old because of how unskilled their fighting and attacks were. Though one of the two was not, and hung back, being more cautious, and calculating in his moves towards her. She easily dusted the younger one as he rushed her, and waited for the other to make his move. His yellow eyes glowed dangerously, and his mouth was lifted in a toothy snarl, but he did not try to rush her instead he bolted into the bush daring her to follow her. When Buffy did not take the bait, and instead walked away picking up her trail where she had left off it seemed to confuse the vampire, and he screamed angrily at her.

        Buffy laughed at him. "What you think I am dumb enough to follow your ugly ass? Sorry, fang face, not that stupid. If you want another go around, come on make my day because I am not going to play chase the vampire with you," she yelled at him. knowing he probably couldn´t understand her anyway, but it felt good to do it.

        The vampire stared at her in angry shock that she wasn´t taking up his challenge, and she was instead walking away, ignoring him. Mad he picked up a rock, and threw it at her, hitting her on her bare shoulder, and it made a deep gash. That did piss her off, but she also knew he was trying to bait her, and maybe lure her into a trap, or ambush. Buffy gave him the bird, and stalked off. The angry vampire watched for a couple of moments, then began to trail her.

        "Gee, this is just like having Spike following me," she said to herself, picking up a long pointed tree branch she could maybe use as a spear from the ground, and trying not to think of how much she was missing her vampire boyfriend. "But not half as much fun," she added with a sigh as she walked on towards her goal keeping a firm fix on the vampire stalking her now through the heavy brush on a parallel course to hers.

        The moon had dipped to where it appeared to be touching the tip of the highest mountain when she came across a slow moving, shallow stream. She was glad to see it because she was thirsty. It looked clear enough, and drinkable, though she knew that she really didn´t have a choice, and was going to have to settle for what she could get. Though she did wish she had a cup, or something to use to drink from, she was forced to cup her hands to drink. No way was she going to lap the stuff up like an animal. She wasn´t that far gone yet.

        In the almost smooth water she could see her face and features. Yes, she was wearing the face of the First Slayer—she´d know that painted, wide nose anywhere now. But at least she was reflecting which showed she was supposedly alive as opposed to other possibilities. So far it had just been another day at the office, though she supposed to a young untrained slayer this whole bit would have them screaming in terror already.

        Maybe she had become too jaded, too sure of herself over the years like Spike had told her at the bronze that night: "The problem with you, Summers, is that you´ve gotten so good, you´re starting to think you´re immortal."

        She had replied defensively, "not really. I just know I can handle myself."

        He had smirked at her, "Oh? Then how do you explain this?" as he had reached over and punched her still throbbing wound from when the vampire had staked her with her own stake in the cemetery earlier that evening, and they had both reacted in pain as she doubled over from his touch, and him from his chip activating and setting his brain on fire.

        She had glared daggers at him and gasped, "So that's it? Lesson over?"

        When he had been able to straighten up he had told her, "Not even close. Come on." And they had left away from prying eyes, and took up their ‘talk in the alley outside the Bronze.

        It seemed like years since that had happened. The night that things between them had begun to really change. It was a turning point for both of them when she had begun to see the man behind the vampire at last. She had actually listened to his words, internalized them. More than he would ever know. He could always get to her, made her see truths she didn´t want to see about herself and others. She missed his wisdom, his wit, his love. She just hoped she would see him soon.

        As she bent over drinking Buffy heard her vampire stalker break his cover, and try to sneak up on her. She focused back on her surrounding instead of missing Spike, and home. The vampire must have thought that she was easy prey, but she was quicker, and faster than he was. She had him down on the ground, and staked him before he even could defend himself. She had kind of gotten used to his tagging along, but he was just a vampire after all.

        She sat in the dirt pleased with herself, then became suddenly aware that she was not alone as she was tackled roughly from behind, and her stake flew out of her hand to land some distance away. Whatever had her was no fledging though as she felt the ancient strength behind the clawed hands that held her face down, grinding it painfully into the hard packed dirt. Now she was panicking as she felt the hard male body rub itself against her bare backside, their rock hard arousal evident pocking into the small of her back.

        "Get the fuck off of me!" Buffy yelled at her assailant, but she got only bone chilling evil laughter in return as she found her legs pushed violently apart by a hard knee. She tried to buck him off, but his grip on her, and the strength of his assault were too much. He entered her savagely, brutally from behind, his hard shaft penetrating her easily in one quick thrust, uncaring of her panic, and now terror at being forcibly raped. And he was huge, and rough feeling, like he had scales and ridges on his thick shaft. With every movement Buffy could feel her insides being tore by his barbed penis. She felt sticky wetness on the inside of her legs that had nothing to do with sex, because this was not turning her on, she was terrified to her core. The smell of her blood her further panicking her, and making her struggle more. His needle sharp claws were digging deeply into the tender flesh of her arms, pining her so that she couldn´t do a thing. She had never been this truly helpless before, and she realized that there was going to be no one to come to her aid like she had gotten used to depending on. She had gotten too soft, and relied too much on her friends to get her out of tight fixes. Now she was really alone, and she knew with absolute certainty that she was going to die this night in the worst possible way.

        She felt the vampire rapist rise up a little, and remove himself from her, hoping it was over, but it was far from over as she soon began to realize as she felt the tip of his shaft bang against the opening of her anus. Before it dawned on her what he was up to he brutally torn into her, burying his length in that hole, making her feel like he was tearing her apart, and she screamed into the night from the sheer pain of the brutal assault. The pain was unbearable, and it took all of her will to not pass out. Then he bent over her, and seized her bared neck with his impossibly long teeth, biting into her.

        His teeth felt like white hot needles as they entered her tender flesh, ripping it open before he began sucking her life´s blood. She had been bitten before but not like this. It was raw, hateful, punishing, an echo of what he was doing sexually to her body, and she was completely powerless to stop him. He drank as his climax came to a shuddering finish, and moaned aimalistically with his release. He had not completely drained her, and she was still conscious when he got off of her, and turned her limp, unprotesting body over.

        Weakly, she opened her eyes to see her ugly assailant, and saw he was not alone there were others with him, ten at least standing, and sitting around in a rough circle with leering game faces. Dimly, she realized that they all were going to have a turn with her before she was finally allowed to die as the first on stepped up with his hard shaft bobbing up, and down, slapping against his belly. She tried to move away, but couldn´t as two more stepped forward, and held her arms down while others held her legs. She closed her eyes, and wished for oblivion as she was entered painfully by the waiting vampire, then found her mouth, and anus similarly assaulted by other vampires along with feeling clawed hands twist, and play cruelly on her exposed breasts, and breasts. But none of her drank from her neck, or tried to drain her. Though by the end of her ordeal, her nipples and clit were chewed off, and she had numerous raw bites all over her.

        She passed out finally, and was still surprised to find she was alive, just barely when she awoke to find herself tossed on the back of one of them being roughly carried to somewhere. She could vaguely feel the impending sunrise, though her eyes were too swollen, and she was too weak to open them to make sure. She passed out again from the throbbing pain that was her body, and awoke in darkness. Around her was a deep cave, her pain filled mind registered from the cool dampness of it. Then she felt a vampire on her neck again, probably the head ugly, and he began sucking out her remaining blood, and she felt her life force draining away, not minding it at all as creeping, cold, numbness set in. When she was almost close to being allowed her final freedom, she felt a wetness poured into in her dry mouth, and made to swallow until she became aware of a rich, sticky wetness that she had to have. Weakly she latched on to the source like a leach, wanting it, needing it, devouring it until it was abruptly pulled way from her. Then she passed out again into endless darkness, and she could feel no more.

        She knew not when she awoke again. It was still dark within the cave, but this time she could see even without the aid of a fire. She was sore all over, but knew that she would be better soon. Cautiously she opened her eyes to take stock of her surroundings. She was off alone to one side of a large cavern. Around her were others, maybe twenty, thirty of the primitive looking vampires all in ugly game face. Most were males, but there were a few females, and they were engaged in servicing the some of the males sexually. So she was a sex toy for the group, she was not happy at all at that prospect after what had happened to her, and how raw her not yet healed insides still felt.

        She already knew what had been done to her, she had been turned, evidently by the leader of this group whom she didn´t see in her range of vision. She was still laying down, observing, not wanting any of them to know she was awake yet. Curiously, she felt like she still had her soul, though she could also feel the presence of her demon that now had control of her body. She had become her worse nightmare—a vampire. The only good thing was that this might not be a permanent thing, as she was here as part of her test. So this was the vampire sex, and blood part of the ceremony, she thought grimly. No wonder so many girls didn´t survive this part. It was way different than she thought it was going to be. Considering she had been thrown back mentally to another time and place, all of what she and Spike had planned to do would not have happened. She was going to take a wild guess, and suspect that Markus had been her assailant since she had not seen him in his usual forms.

        Weakly, she pushed herself up to a sitting position ,and leaned against the rough rock wall to get her bearings some more. So far no one had noticed she was awake yet, they were too occupied with their activities so far. From somewhere beyond her sight she could smell flesh blood, live blood. Involuntarily, she licked her lips in anticipation of it´s taste, then caught herself, and fought to suppress her newborn urges. She may be a vampire, but she wasn´t going to let herself be slave to her own desires. If Spike could do it without a soul, she could with a soul. Though it was going to be very hard to fight her instincts. What she wanted to do was find whatever it was that was going to trigger the end of this ordeal, and end this ceremony, then from there she could figure out how to go back to her own time and home. At the moment she didn´t have a clue how to get out of this trip backwards in time—either one of them.

        Buffy felt him before she saw him. A pull sort of, an awareness of her ‘sire´, she guessed. She had listened to Spike, and Angel talk about how they were linked to their sires, and others of the blood line. What she was feeling fit the description. If this was Markus, he was even uglier than he had been, and that was saying a lot.

        "So you are awake, little slayer," he smiled toothily down at her. Then bent to squat down before her.

        "I guess so, what of it? When does this dream trip end by the way? So far it hasn´t been anything to write home about," Buffy told him bitterly, and saw anger flare behind his eyes at her tone.

        "It will end ‘when´, and ‘if´ I decide to let it end, not before. My world, my rules," he told her bluntly.

        She rolled her eyes, "great. Look, Markus, all I want is the fuck out of this trip, so I can figure out how to get back to my time, and my life. I have major things to deal with such as a Hell Goddess after my sister and friends. I don´t have time for this crap of understanding vampire what ever. So far this whole ceremony has been pretty much a bust for me. Yeah, I´ve learned a few things here, and there that I did need to know, but most of this not all new, and scary like it would be to a new slayer. So if there is a way to end this just let me do it so I can get back to what I need to do—okay?" she said angrily, glaring at him.

        He was still angry, but she could tell he was trying to control it. Standing up, he motioned for her to get up. "Come, there are still some things you must do before this is ended," he told her.

        Buffy nodded as she got up and followed him, ignoring the curious looks of the others in the cavern. He led her out of the main cave into a side tunnel, seeming going deeper, and deeper into the very bowels of the earth until they came to another cavern lit by natural fires from burning gases flumes, and surface oil pockets. It was like looking on Hell she realized numbly, the real Hell that books, or drawings from man´s imagination couldn´t even begin to describe the sheer horrid twistediness of it, and the demonic inhabitants within.

        "Is this necessary?" Buffy asked him, hesitating on the threshold of the endless seeming cave.

        "Yes. Since you refused the easier, quicker means to end this," Markus replied with a smirk.

        "I did? When you bastard? You never gave me any choices," she rounded on him, her eyes flashing fire.

        "There never were any," he laughed, and began walking ahead of her down a narrow path cut into the rock face of the cliff they had to go down to reach the floor far below.

        "Goddamn, stupid, no information, damn vampires," Buffy cussed as she followed him before he had a chance to vanish on her.

        "So where are we? Is this Hell? Is this where Angel was trapped?´ she asked him when she finally caught up with him.

        "No, to both your questions. This is glimpse into the dimension your ‘Glory´ comes from. I thought you´d might appreciate a preview of what you are truly fighting," he said simply, gesturing with a wide sweep of his clawed hand.

        "This is Glory´s world? The one she wants to get back to so bad—man, is she desperate!" Buffy said incredulous, and appalled at the same time.

        "It´s all a matter of perception, little slayer. You judge by your own narrow standards, not taking in others views, needs, and wants when they do not mirror your own. From her view point this is perfection, paradise, and she is very comfortable and happy with it."

        "Doesn´t look like anyone else is sharing her opinion. They all look miserable," she said looking worriedly at the figures around her writhing in agony, and hearing their tormented screams was tearing at her heart, and still mostly human soul.

        "That too is your perception. You think them victims. Most are willing to be here to be punished for their ‘sins´, and the mistakes they think they have made. There are no innocents here, and all comply to this realms rules and desires by their own free will," he explained.

        "Is she here?"

        "Her younger self, not the one you know in your time, because we are far in the past, and this place too is in the past."

        "So no messing with her because that would mess up things in my time?" Buffy asked him wanting to clarify.

        "Correct. And here, too, we are merely observers," he explained. "And there she is if you wish to she what she really looks like," he told her pointing towards a large throne like object on which reclined an enormous bizarre and twisted slug looking creature with multiple insect like limbs, eyes, and misshapen mouths that seemed to phase in and out of their present reality.

        "That´s Glory? That´s really revolting.," she said in utter disgust, fighting the need to throw up.

        "Again, it is a matter of perception. You are judging her by your own narrow standards again, and not by her world´s."

        Buffy shrugged, "So, that´s all I know how to, so sue me. I will take you word she´s hot stuff here and since I can´t do anything to her now, so what´s the point of my being here? Are we done yet?" she asked impatiently.

        The vampire looked at her, and shook his head on disgust. "Enlightenment, but it is clear you do not wish it so we shall leave," and he snapped his fingers and they were outside standing in the desert once again.

        "Well, this is an improvement...," she said recognizing her surroundings with a shudder of revulsion as the place where she had been raped, and attacked by the pack of vampires. "So we´re back to the scene of the crime. Why?"

        "Normally, most slayers react more violently to coming back to the place of their humiliation. I see that is not the case with you."

        "Yeah, it´s wiggy, but I am not going into panic mode about it. I take it I was suppose to attack you, or something, and get into some big life or death match?"

        "Yes, so you can understand the nature of the beast you have become, and overcome it, and me."

        "I already understand it. I don´t gotta fight unless that is the ‘only´ way to get out of this ‘test´?" she questioned.

        Markus sighed heavily. "You are a very stubborn creature. How you have survived as long as you have is a mystery. By now you should have been succumbing to your new desires, and needs."

        "Probably, but I have learned I ‘don´t´ have to give into them. I can still be me. I´ve had two good teachers to show me how to fight what I have become. If they can fight their instincts then I can too."

        "Unfortunately, the only way this test can end is either I kill you ,or you kill me. Only death will end this and the ritual will be finished.

        "Great. But if that´s the way it´s gotta be then…" she didn´t finish her sentence as she attacked him, knocking him to hard ground, and went into full attack mode before he had a chance to react.

        Markus was a good fighter, but he was no match for Buffy now that she knew how to end the ritual. Within minutes her new fangs were at his neck, and she was draining him, weakening him, then she drew back, and her hand went into his chest to grab his heart which her tore out savagely, and crushed in her blooded hand, so that he dissolved into dust which drifted off into the early morning air. She didn´t have long to enjoy her victory as the first rays of the new sun began to peak above the mountains in the distance. And she felt their fiery embrace before she felt nothing at all.

End Part 33






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