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Part 46

Part 46

October 2-3, 1879


        The next five days passed like blurs for both William, and Buffy with their heavy schedules of training, and classes. Somehow they did manage to have the same dinner times, so that soon became something that they both looked forward to sharing together. As they spent more time together the more comfortable, and at ease they became. Buffy had to keep reminding herself she was not dealing with Spike. William was not Spike, yet he was. The man she was getting to know was gentler, and way more sensitive about many things. Most of the time he had absolutely no idea of what she was talking about, but tried to comprehend anyway. There was beginning to be some of the snarlyness between them that had been present with her, and Spike relationship which was surprising her. She could irritate him, and exasperate him as much as she had Spike, and vice versa.

        On his side, William was learning to put aside his Victorian moral standards for her, and see her in the context of the bright, and looser living world she had inhabited, and which had shaped her. He found Buffy to be endless fascinating. She was not afraid to speak her mind on any subject and her views of people and the world were refreshing to him. He was also finding out how strong willed, and stubborn she could be too. To put it in her words—she was driving him up the bloody wall! Though his biggest problem with her was his growing jealousy over his other self, and how she had a hard time separating the two of them when he did, or said something similar to what she thought Spike might do. It was difficult to reconcile that his own rival for her affections was a future self that wouldn´t even exist now because of the changes in the timestream. He kept hoping that Buffy would see him for the man he was now, and not what he might have been. So far that hadn´t happened, and it was frustrating him no end.

        On the plus side, the future wonders she described as everyday things amazed him. She could give him crude drawings of the things she described, but how they actually worked was unfortunately beyond her knowledge. She knew how to use them, not build them, she told him. The worlds envisioned by men such as Jules Verne, and other visionary writers did not seem like such wild fantasies as she casually explained what was commonplace in her world, and what had been achieved by science. In her time they had solved many of the problems that people were just beginning to tackle. He was really wishing that somehow he had been the one thrown into the future to see the marvels that she described.

        Since her arrival Buffy had not been outside the walls of the compound to see his dark, grimy, and not too pleasant smelling world. She was unaware of how polluted, and dirty London was especially with winter starting, and people using more coal, coal oil, and wood fires to heat their homes. Then there were the on going sanitation problems, especially in the poorer neighborhoods. He feared she was going to be rather shocked, and appalled by it all.

        Her earlier ‘field trips´ as she called them had been called off for various reasons, so it was with some surprise not to see her in the dining room for their evening meal on the sixth day. One of the older slayers in training, who had just recently been released from being grounded, told him that Buffy had left about mid morning with the Countess Rothchild, and Mr. Foxworth as escorts. William was not pleased with this news, even though he knew that these trips were part of her necessary education for life in her new world. It was the fact that Foxworth was with her that bothered him. Even though he knew it was strictly business, and not personal. He hoped.

        Necessity, and Mr. MacAlastair seemed determined to throw Foxworth in Buffy´s path continuously. He seemed to be everywhere she was. Mainly he acted in the capacity of Watcher when in reality Buffy did not have one officially assigned to her. As MacAlastair´s assistant it was his job to monitor Buffy´s progress, and evaluate it, then give suggestions for improvements as needed. Many of William´s, and Buffy´s dinner conversations were peppered with Foxworth´s name, and Buffy was now calling him by his given name, Julian, which further irked William, and made him grow even more jealous.

        William had kept his, and Buffy´s relationship since he had begun his training to a friendship level as he sorted through his feelings about her, and Elizabeth. She too had backed off of any romantic notions she may have had towards him because of her problems over Spike. Though there had been many a time when he was regretting their status as just friends, and was wanting to have more between them. His nightly dreams were now filled with her, and his daytime thoughts sometimes were too. He had to make himself forcibly concentrate on his studies when he found himself drifting to thoughts of her instead of his work.

        His physical training was progressing better than he had thought it would much to Philip´s satisfaction. He found he had a real flare for fisticuffs, and the marital arts. He was also good at running, and gymnastics. With weapons he enjoyed swords, battle axes, and knife throwing. The more he worked out the leaner and more defined his body became, and the less ashamed of it he was. Accordingly he also changed his diet to accommodate those changes.

        After eating alone, since Buffy was not going to be showing, William went back to his room to study. He wasn´t pleased with not seeing Buffy, but he did have work he needed to do to occupy himself. His private room on the second floor with the other male Watchers was quite spacious and richly appointed. He had both a sitting room that doubled as a study, and his bedroom was separate from it. The bath he did have to share with others, but that was not a problem. There was a valet if he needed one to see after his clothes so that he could always look at his best. If he wished to eat in because of working he could also arrange that with the pull on the bell. His window in the bedroom overlooked part of the front driveway, and the woods. He was most satisfied with his accommodations.

        Letting himself into his room, William noted that Michell, the valet had been in, and had left a covered pot of tea for him. The man had also brought back his suits cleaned and pressed, and there were clean shirts, underwear, and fresh towels. He took off his suit coat, and sat down at his rapidly becoming cluttered desk after poring himself some tea. Before he could start back in on his work, he noticed on top of his papers a note from MacAlastair reminding him of their meeting in his office tomorrow. Good, that would give him time tonight to get his work in order so that he could present his case about being allowed access to the archives. Currently his assignment was to go through previous Watcher diaries to find clues about Angelus, and his group´s behavior patterns, and prepare a report on his findings. Using the vast resources of the central library in the Grand Hall he had managed to find quite a stack of reports. He was not limiting his search to merely Angelus, but was also researching Darla, and Drusilla, along with the clan of Aurelius whose current head was the Master, and Darla´s direct sire.

        So far he had found that the Master´s origins were unknown, and there were numerous speculations as to his true age. There was also a lot of contradictory information about the ancient vampire too, and he hoped to be able to figure out which was correct or not so that they would have a true picture of him.

        Darla´s origin´s proved to be easier to find that she was second generation American of Irish descent from bonds servants that had come over with some of the original settlers of Virginia Colony. She had been orphaned at any early age, became a prostitute, then a self made as a madam in a port city on the Virginia coast. She had been dying of a sexual disease when the Master had turned her in 1609. She had gone willing with her ‘savior´ back to Europe. Periodically she would leave him and go off on her own in search of new converts. It was on one of her trips to Ireland that she had found Angelus in Galway. Then he was called Liam O'Connor, and it had taken no effort to turn him in 1753. She was enamored with her creation, and allowed him every excess, to where it was difficult to tell who was the master and who the childe in the relationship. Where he went, she went, and it was rumored that supposedly she had taken him back to the Master in 1760, and instead of bowing to his grandsire as most would he had mocked him, and left with Darla to stay above ground. The pair had cut a very bloody swath across the world never lingering too long in any place until recently.

        In 1860 had come the addition to their close knit ranks of the girl Drusilla from here in London. She had been of good family, very proper Catholic upbringing with two younger sisters. Interviews by Watchers with the surviving clergy of the church she had attended showed that she had just entered as a novice nun when the nunnery was attacked by Angelus, and Darla. It was clear that they had been stalking her for a while because both her family, and close friends were also slaughtered viciously by these beasts. The only thing noteworthy about the girl was that she appeared to have ‘visions´ which she could not control. These visions had plagued her since childhood, and had distressed her family, and the church no end. Her priest saw her as being damned because visions were the work of the devil. To save her soul she had been put into the nunnery in hopes that by serving god in a controlled environment this would rid her of this foul curse. But before the girl was turned she had been pushed over the edge of her fragile sanity into full madness after having watched her family die horribly, her sisters raped before she in turn was raped before Angelus took her life, and turned her.

        William felt profound grief over this young girl´s fate as he read over the reports. Unlike either Darla or Angelus, she had been an innocent. It hadn´t been her fault that she was psychic. She had been evidently born with the gift. But her strong powers had frightened everyone around her. The Council had been observing her too, and were about ready to approach her parents to take her in, and train her when they found she had been put into the nunnery. The Watchers were also aware of the two vampires in town, but had been unable to stop their killing spree. Five slayers would die before they left town with Drusilla, and went to France. It was a great shock to find that the vampires had gotten to her first, and made her one of them. With the addition of the girl who could see danger approaching them from afar, the vampires were now able to elude any hunters sent after them.

        Current reports of their activities showed that the three stuck close together watching each others back. Drusilla often referred to Angelus as Daddy, and Darla as Grandmama, which seemed to irritate the older vampire. The pretty dark haired girl would often talk to herself, sing, and dance to music only she could hear. Many times her conversations were so bizarre that no one could readily understand her, not even her companions. Of the three she was considered the most dangerous because she was so unpredictable. She had also learned on their travels how to hypnotize, and mesmerize her victims before she killed them. Sometimes these victims would live for days being slowly tortured by different ghastly means which the journals described in great detail. He fought the urge to throw up at some of the descriptions he read. Horribly they were also known to have consumed raw flesh from their victims along with their blood, and indulged in all kinds of sexual perversion both before, and after killing their victim.

        William was very glad that he had been spared the fate of joining these abominations that pretended to be human beings. He shuddered to think what he might have been forced to do in their company. Most likely they would have driven him a bit insane too. How else would a gentleman such as he tolerate what he might have been subjected to witnessing? Yet somehow his core humanity had managed to survive these monsters if Buffy´s descriptions of Spike were correct. He wasn´t sure how that was achieved by his other, but it did seem to be the case. Somehow by knowing Buffy his other had somehow been motivated into turning away from the darkness, and was trying to fight his way back to his humanity on his own without the benefit of a true human soul.

        That was still the part that was confusing him in his studies: the nature of what was animating these supposedly walking corpses that no longer aged, were super strong, almost invulnerable to most injuries, or weapons, and whom still retained memories of their former existence. Unless they were killed it seemed these vampires could go on for seeming forever through time living on the blood and life-force of countess victims.

        He had also learned other terrible facts in his studies that he had had to take a sacred oath to keep. That slayers were related to vampires, and carried their essence in their veins, so that they weren´t wholly human, and could at times breed with vampires under given conditions. That was how the line of slayers had become into existence originally. In ancient times this had happened quite frequently. It was also how slayers had gotten spread world wide. Many of these lines had been identified, but many hadn´t. It took a special seer to discover whom might be a potential candidate, and then those girls were given tests to confirm their latent gifts. There had never been a male slayer. They were always female, and called one at a time. Though there had been three sets of twins, and several cases like Buffy where the original slayer died for a few minutes, and revived thereby calling another too, but these had been special cases where two were needed for a special battle.

        Some unsouled vampires due to circumstances could turn on their own kind, and work with slayers like Spike was doing. These couples were also a high risk for producing offspring. There was a standing order in the Council that all such unions should be stopped, the couple killed as well as any offspring. Though there were no explanations as to why this was so important. If there was a reason no one was relaying it to the Watchers in the field.

        Watchers, like the Slayers were seen as foot soldiers, and were to obey orders without question. There were rankings within the Watcher ranks. Trainees, being the lowest, then field watchers, watchers assigned to slayer trainees, watchers with active slayers, with the highest being Watchers whose slayer had died in battle. Some field watchers never got assigned a trainee, and were sent as researchers across the world either as observers, or doing research in other locals, doing archaeological digs, translations, or locating people to bring into the group. Some of these became specialists, teachers, or consultants. It depended on talents, and aptitudes as to what one might be doing once one survived being a trainee, or field worker.

        Already he had discovered that not all research materials were kept in the main room. There were a series of huge caverns deep below the mansion that held mystical treasures, and texts deemed to be too valuable, or dangerous to be put on display. This was also where the archives of the Watchers, and Slayer journals were kept along with the Council records, prophecies concerning the slayers, and eyes only materials. It was from the archives he was going to have to get copies of the materials he needed for his report William was afraid. He had exhausted all materials from the Common Library, and many of his books, and paper referred to papers, or journals in the archives. He should let it go at what he had written up, and be satisfied without having to consult the archives. Except he was seeing an odd pattern to those vampires of the Aurelius bloodlines once any of them had achieved master status. He wanted to check the older journals, and try to trace down the Master in particular along with any bloodlines contemporary to his to understand what he was seeing. Though for this he was going to have to get MacAlastair´s permission to get access to those texts. But that was going to have to wait until the morning.

        Looking up from his work he noticed that it had gotten very late. His clock on his desk told him it was almost one in the morning. He had sat down at his desk at six, and hadn´t moved since. He got up, and stretched, finding he was tired after all, and needed to get to bed. Before he did he wrote a little in his journal about his findings, and thoughts on his research, along with his thoughts on Buffy whom he hoped had gotten back safely, and was asleep in her bed on the floor above him. So close, yet so far away, he sighed to himself. In the morning he was going to find some way to see her, and see how she was doing. Normally, his morning meals, and hers did not overlap, but he did know when she generally came down, and he was determined to see her.

        Writing a journal was nothing new for him. He had been doing it since he was thirteen and had seen his older brother and father do it. It had always been the place where he could unburden his troubled mind and heart. He had finished his other journal his last night at home. His current one he had started his first night here. It seemed somehow appropriate because of his life changes to start a new one. He just hoped it wouldn´t be too embarrassing to some future historian to come across his thoughts about Buffy. Though this was not a true Watchers journal he felt he could be excused. He had wrote down some of his conversations with Buffy about her life and friends in hopes of understanding her better and to record possible useful information from future events.

        His existing in the future still confused him when there wasn´t going to a vampire self if he could help it. He liked his humanity just fine, and had no real desire to live such an unnatural life. Buffy could not give him a time for his ‘death´ as she had never know the exact date only that it was sometime in 1880 according to the original Elizabeth´s, the slayer, diary when the Watchers had observed that a new member had joined the group as a companion to Drusilla. Spike hadn´t been more helpful either other than it had involved a party, a woman called Cecily who had rejected him, so that he had left, and run into the dark haired vampiress. That, William determined, wasn´t going happen. With luck the trio would be killed before it was even 1880 thereby effectively stopping even the possibility from happening. As it was he felt a draw to this creature of the night that surprised him, and made him afraid. Only with her final death would he feel free and safe. So far he had told no one of his fears, but it bothered him that when he had read about her and seen her face he had felt like he knew her. In his mind he had called her his dark princess, and he had had flashes of that other life which belonged to Spike. It had shocked and horrified him, yet he felt like a moth drawn to a flame by her. It was a decidedly frightening situation, and he hoped it was only his imagination working overtime on his tired mind.

        Putting his journal away, William got ready for bed and slipped under the sheets and layers of quilts on his bed. It was still strange not hearing his sisters or mother nearby in their rooms. Outside of when he had gone to school, he hadn´t lived away from home. It was liberating to be finally on his own, making his own way in the world free from his family. His job at St. John´s had allowed him to commute back and forth so that he was there for his mother. After Reggie had moved out he was the only male in the house. It was good to be among the company of other men. At least some of his fellows were much like him, scholars, and gentlemen. After a few days he had felt at ease with his new associates. He couldn´t call any of them friends yet, but they were kind, and welcomed him into their ranks more easily than he had been accepted elsewhere. It was a refreshing feeling to finally find a place where he did fit in. For once he felt content with the direction his life was going, and with that thought he finally drifted off to sleep.

        Morning came, and he sat up abruptly as he remembered that he wanted to catch Buffy at breakfast before his meeting with MacAlastair. Normally his morning meal was earlier, followed by meeting with Philip in the gym for several hours of training, then off with his studies with Jenkins, and Hampton in Metaphysical Methods before lunch. Since his training had been postponed due to his meeting, he could bend his schedule a little.

        Dressing quickly, he gathered up his notes for his meeting, and raced downstairs. He almost panicked when he didn´t see her as he came into the dining room. He was relieved when he did finally spot her with the older girls over in a corner of the room. He got a tray of food and went to join her. Buffy didn´t notice him until he had gotten to the table because she was reading. Though several of the girls had, and were already giggling as they knew he was enamored of her.

        "Buffy, Mr. Giles is here," Becky warned her, smiling up at the handsome man as were the other five girls at the table making him uncomfortable. He smiled back at them and thought about his younger sisters.

        "Huh?" Buffy said her head coming up from her reading, and looking around to see him standing next to her with a nervous smile on his face as he held his tray, and had his books, and papers tucked under one of his arms. "Ahh, grab a seat," was all she could manage to say since she hadn´t been prepared to see him so early in the day. She was hoping that she looked okay as she had grabbed the first thing she could find because she had overslept. Then she had had to grab Becky to help her button up all the tiny buttons up the back of her dress. She hadn´t had time to fix her hair up like she had been doing so she had just braided it down her back.

        "Thank you, and good morning, Buffy, ladies," he said sitting down, and finding a clean spot on the table to put his papers. The other girls giggled, making room for him, while Buffy blushed, then looked at him expectantly for an explaination of why he was there.

        "Morning too to you. I´m surprised to see you," she said. She didn´t get to see him too often in daylight, and hadn´t since the day they had met. It looked like he had thrown his clothes on too as he wasn´t as neat, and well groomed as usual. His hair was an even wilder mass of curls than normal. She was deciding she liked his slightly longer hair, and his glasses which gave him a more innocent, and cuter look than Spike´s usual looks.

        He flushed slightly then composed himself before he answered her knowing they had an audience hanging on to every word. "Since I didn´t see you last night, and I had some time before my meeting with Mr. MacAlastair I thought I´d get breakfast early," he said hoping that came out right.

        The girls had already warned her that he had been upset that she was out yesterday. "That´s good. I finally got to go out. The Countess took me on tour of the city, and shopping. We went by her dressmaker, and I got fitted for clothes. She´s having them make me up some dresses, and outfits that will be all mine instead of borrowed like I have been wearing," Buffy told him.

        "I thought you had Lizzy´s things? I recognize the dress you´re wearing," he said surprised looking at the dark blue floral print, and lace dress she had on, and remembering Lizzy wearing it.

        "It´s still technically borrowed. It´s a girl thing," she smiled. "The Countess has very good taste. Everything´s going to be the latest fashion. I think I am getting the hang of these clothes. But they are still going to be a pain to slay in, so we are getting some things made so I can, and not killed by my own petticoats. I´m also getting some normal clothes made too. It was fun," Buffy grinned at his expression when she said petticoats. She never knew a man that blushed so much before. Had she made Spike do too, but she couldn´t tell because he was a vampire?

        He recovered quickly, ignoring the other girls giggles, and teasing to his blushing as well as Buffy´s. "I´m glad you enjoyed yourself. And where was Mr. Foxworth when this was going on?" he asked, wanting to know as he ate his food.

        She smiled, and shrugged. "Julian? He went off somewhere while the Countess, and I did the clothes thing. He came back a couple of hours later to get us. Then they took me out to dinner somewhere at a private club. It was interesting, and I felt way under dressed for that place. Just as we were getting done, Angelus, Drusilla, and Darla showed up, and were meeting with some people in a private room in the back. They acted so normal, and I wasn´t used to seeing them that way that I didn´t recognize them at first. They all looked so different like you did to me at first. I just wished I had had a stake with me. Then they all left together with the people they met in a carriage. I was furious I couldn´t do a thing except watch them. Neither the Countess, or Foxworth had weapons on them and the coach they had gotten into vanished in the fog that had come up, so couldn´t follow them. I was mad. After that we came right back to report what we had seen," Buffy told him, her tone now serious and worried.

        He had froze mid bite with his scrabbled eggs when Buffy told him she had seen the vampires. He was strangely relieved that she hadn´t been able to fight them. "You actually saw them, but no one would let you fight them? Did they see you?" he asked suddenly frightened.

        Buffy nodded before she went on. "The Countess begged me to not make a scene, so did Julian. Ohh, I wanted to just to take the smug looks off Angelus, and Darla´s faces as they wandered past. They were looking at everyone like they were nothing, no more than portable meals that no one could stop them from taking. It made me ill. And they knew I was there. Drusilla looked right at me, and pointed excitedly, but Angelus said something to her, and she calmed down, and pouted. But it was the way she was looking at me later like she was real confused and kept drifting off. Every once in a while she´d talk to Angelus, and he´d shake his head and look at her like she was really crazy. After that the three of them kept an eye on me, I waiting to see what I was going to do. When I didn´t do anything, but sit and glare, they smiled at me as they left. I heard Angelus say to Dru that they would see me soon enough and she would get her treat. The moment they left I did go after them, but it was too late. I just feel like I failed everyone," she said with a sigh taking a sip of her tea.

        The other girls had drifted away during their conversation, and now it was just the two of them alone. Neither had noticed so absorbed they had been with each other. They both looked around surprised.

        William wasn´t going to be distracted as he turned his attention back to her and told Buffy, "no, you didn´t! Remember that you aren´t prepared yet to face them. You were lucky that you didn´t have a confrontation with them. Now you can identify them. You said it took you a moment to recognize them," he asked carefully.

        She nodded again. She was still a little shocked by how different they had looked, especially Angel. Even when he had met her eyes, and they had recognized each other for what they really were, vampire and slayer, he wasn´t the Angelus she had met. There was a chilling coldness to him, a bold, cocky arrogance that the vampire she had known hadn´t had. This was death personified, dark, and deadly as were his companions, over laid with an aristocratic bearing, and the attitudes to go with it. They were monsters pure and simple with no redeeming qualities. It would be a pleasure to rid the world of these beasts.

        "Yeah, Angelus had long hair, an Irish accent, and Darla, and Dru were all dressed up. But now they know me. I´ve lost the element of surprise I was hoping on. What´s bugging me is the way Dru was looking at me. She´s got the weird vision thing. Maybe she was seeing me, the future, everything?" Buffy said, still puzzled about how the vampiress had looked right through her, and had gotten upset, and how Angelus had had to calm her down repeatedly.

        "It is possible. She is known for her ability to see things like future events. So they made no moves toward you?" he asked, needing to be reassured.

        "No, but they rubbed the situation in my face a whole bunch. Damn them," she growled, ignoring his look of shock at her unlady like language.

        "Other than your encounter with the vampires was your trip okay?" he asked, trying to steer her away from the subject which she gladly accepted.

        "It was fascinating. Like being on a movie set, except it was all real, and smelly. No one warned me about the air pollution. This was worse than LA smog, and that gets pretty bad. Didn´t notice it until we got out of the gates, and then it hit me full force—it was really gross. Once I got over the shock, and wasn´t going to get sick, I got to see London Bridge, Big Ben, Parliament, Buckingham Palace, I guess the usual tourist things. I also got the non tourist stuff like where to go for help, safe houses, and how to get to the train stations, and use cabs. I got to see some of the poor sections of town too. Those really shocked me. I didn´t know things could be so bad for people, especially the kids. We have poor people in our country, but nothing like this. It´s like no one cares either. The people just looked so lost and hopeless along with hungry. I remember reading some of Dickens´ books, and not believing half of what he wrote, but to see it, and see what it´s really like. I´m still sort of shook," she told him, her eyes looking kind of haunted.

        William wasn´t sure what he could say. That there were such sharp differences between the haves, and the have nots in town bothered him, but like most of his class he ignored the suffering around him because there wasn´t much that he could personally do to change the way things were. "I´m sorry you got so distressed over your visit. I should have warned you things are quite as nice outside these walls," he told her.

        "Everyone did, but I didn´t believe it until I saw it. Coming back in time has been a real education. Speaking of which, I need to get to class before Mr. Bollin yells at me for being late," she said, getting up.

        "And I should be going to see Mr. MacAlastair. I do wish I could have gone with you on your first time out. There are pleasant things to see, and do in town—that is if you would like to see them with me?" William asked, suddenly unsure as he stood up too and picked up his things.

        Buffy smiled at him, seeing that he was starting to get flustered again. "I´d like that. I enjoy being with you, William. Julian is okay as a tour guide, but I kept wishing you were along instead. Except I think you need to ask Mr. MacAlastair about it. I don´t think we can just take off on our own," she suggested.

        William was dancing on air at her words. She enjoyed being with him and she had missed him not being with her. It was more than he had hoped for. He was so euphoric that he almost didn´t hear her say that they might have to ask MacAlastair about it.

        "Are you okay?" she asked, trying to figure him out.

        "I´m fine," he said making himself come back to earth before he blew it as she would say. "Ahh, yes, I think asking him would be a good idea. Maybe they have a concert, or play they wish for you to attend that I might also go along," he replied.

        "I think the Countess was saying something about having me go to either a play or opera. I´ve watched operas in class on TV, never been to one. Kind of avoided the whole scene because I couldn´t understand all the singing in foreign languages. But she wants to wait until my new dresses are ready so I will look ‘suitable for presenting in society´ she said," Buffy said.

        "Operas are wonderful. Mother and I used to go all the time with the girls. You´ll enjoy it once you get into the stories," he told her.

        Buffy look dubiously at him as she picked up her books and tray. "Uh huh. The only one I ever understood was the Bugs Bunny, and Elmer Fudd one where they were singing about ‘killing the rabbit´, and running around in these weird Viking outfits."

        "I don´t believe I know that one," William said as he joined her and gave his tray to kitchen help.

        "It´s supposed to be some big classic opera—this time period. Wagner, I think," she said shaking her head.

        It took him a moment to translate her mangled English, and realize about whom she was talking about. "Ohh, Wagner," he said pronouncing it the correct way, and giving her a sideways look as they left the room at the strangeness of her education. "Yes, I believe I do know his works, but I cannot recall anything about killing rabbits in them," he said, still confused.

        "I´ll have to explain the whole thing later, I guess," Buffy smiled, now having Bugs stuck in her head singing while Elmer tried to get him. "Anyway, I got to go, and I guess you do too. See you tonight? Same time?" she asked. ‘Does he know how cute he looks when he cocks his head that way and looks at me through his glasses? Could those eyes get any bluer?´ Buffy sighed looking over at her still somewhat shy companion.

        "Yes, I´ll be here," he said, not wanting to go, but knowing that he had to. "Now, I must dash," he said, still standing there.

        "Me too. Later," she said determinedly breaking the spell, and heading off for her current affairs class.

        Feeling now on top of the world after seeing her, and assuring himself she was all right he watched her go admiring how she moved in the tight dress, until she finally disappeared out of his view. William put his mind into serious mode then headed for MacAlastair´s office with the additional plan of asking how he could take Buffy out for an evening.

End part 46





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