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started 01/30/2000

This is a parallel/companion piece to Hate and Love set in the Angel Universe roughly after "Redifinition". This is what is happening in LA during Hate and Love. This has Faith, her new watcher Keith Stuart, Angel, Wesley, Cordellia, Gunn, Kate, Darla, Drusilla, Lindsey, Riley, and all those wonderful people from Wolfram and Hart, and the Watcher's Council. Faith has been released from jail and assigned a new Watcher, Angel reconcils with his staff after pressure from Faith so that they can fight Darla, and Drusilla who have turned both Lindsey, and Riley into vampires to help them. But Wolfram and Hart still have plans to turn Angel dark, and the Watcher's Council also has it's own hidden agenda for the group at Angel Investigations that all ties into what is happening in Sunnydale with Buffy, and her problems with Glory. Part 3 is revised as of 07/20/2001 because I started writing then stopped on this series in Feburary. Since Angel the Series went off in a completely different direction than I thought it would, I am going to keep to my original story ideas, and do this as an AU series to follow along with "Hate and Love" rather than try to keep up with Buffy 5th season and Angel 2nd season shows.
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