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Gifts I

These are animated gifs made out of single screen captures from different sources that I put together as scenes. These areNOT AVI's or MPEGS, and do not have sounds with them.(I did have but ran out of storage space on server--will try to find sever that can take all the files--so bear with me.) Click on picture to download gifs.

"Into the Woods"/ "Something Blue"/Miscellanous

Spike waking Buffy up to show her what Riley has been up to. "Into the Woods" 5th season


Catching Riley in the act at the vamp nest.


Riley trying to do Spike in. "Into the Woods" 5th season.


Angel and Buffy's love scene "Surprise" 2nd 


Spike and Buffy in "Out of My Mind" 5th season 


Faith in Buffy's Body does a number to Spike at the Bronze. "This Year's Girl" 4th


Willow's Spell casting in "Something Blue" 4th.


Buffy and Spike's Engagement in "Something Blue" 4th.


Spell gets broken. "Something Blue" 4th.


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