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This section will be expanding as I write more stories for it. These are all my FINISHED stories. Be forwarned I am a Spike redemptionist/ Spike/Buffy fan as opposed to Buffy/Angel, and totally forget Riley--may he stay in South America forever. These stories are for Mature Audiences for strong Language, graphic violence, sex, and adult themes.


by PhoeniXstitch --01/11/2001

NC-17 for language and themes

Seeing "Fool For Love" I suspect that Spike gave Buffy and edited version of how he became a vampire--we were seeing what really happened but that was not what she she was hearing from her reactions to his story since she never made comments on how floppish he was then compared to now--and knowing her she would have. This my take on Spike's conversion. Complete! Real Me.

by Vickey Brickle-Macky (Phoenixstitch) 01/2000


This is set right after "Triangle", and before "Checkpoint", and has spoilers for all of fifth season, and some stuff from second season on Angel, with Buffy and her friends beginning to notice Spike´s weird behavior. Complete. Take.

by Vickey Brickle-Macky (Phoenixstitch) 02/14/2000

NC-17 for languages and themes

Set immediately after "Crush" Spike is more than upset about the new vampire barrier that Buffy has put up and it's not so much about him personally but the danger she's put her Mother and Dawn in. Complete. You Didn't.

by Phoenixstitch


This is in response to Spike dropping off all the things from his Buffy shrine to Warren in "I Was Made To Love You". and Joyce’s death This is one possible way this is supposed to go. I had to do something as the show left me in a very dark mood myself. Though writing this I started off one way, and ended up in a different direction that I had originally thought I was going. Lots of very strong language. Changing


by Phoenixstitch

PG-13 M

Spike's reflections on the Buffy-bot, and Buffy. started after "Intervention" but added to recently before the start of 6th season. Complete. Robots.



6/2001 PG-13 My entry into what happened after "The Gift" and how they might bring Buffy back. This starts off with everyone trying to cope with Buffy's death with a real life slant.

Part 1, Part 2. Part 3. Part 4, Part 5




Vickey Brickle-Macky @ vbmacky1@yahoo.com